Producer explains that shocking change of leadership for The Tomorrow People

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Jan 16, 2014, 3:22 PM EST (Updated)

It took a while to get going, but The CW’s Tomorrow People has grown into one of the most compelling new sci-fi series out there. Now they’re shaking things up even more.

The writers have pulled no punches throughout the first season, be it swapping allegiances, killing characters or pulling the rug out from under the status quo. The latest twist? Cara (Peyton List) taking the reins of leadership from John (Luke Mitchell), and doing one hell of an awesome job calling the shots for the underground group of homo superior.

It seems like they’ve finally figured out where they want to take this series, as an all-out war brews, and now it’ll be Cara running the war room and taking the fight to ULTRA. Honestly, if the latest episode is any indication, it looks like the right move. Watching Cara take over the team makes us feel the show is ripe for a great arc, and we can’t wait to see it play out.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer had a chat with Entertainment Weekly to explain where they’re going now that there’s someone new in charge of the ragtag team:

“[Cara] is like a wartime consigliere and what we realized, just from a storytelling standpoint, was we couldn’t have our stories just be about playing defense and snagging breakouts and secreting them away to our subway lair. So the back half of the season is much more like going head-to-head with Ultra. There are times when we’ll find [The Tomorrow People] having unlikely allies in the form of having to work alongside even Jedekiah at times. Not that our guys would ever trust him.

The interesting thing about Cara being in charge is there is this real tragedy that follows because her love for John is unfaltering, but in a way John was responsible for the demise of their relationship with secrets and the sacrifices that he made to keep The Tomorrow People together. The shoe will be on the other foot in the back half of the season, and Cara becomes much more sympathetic to the decisions that John made, and the fact that she’s in charge forces her to put the group in front of herself. I know a lot of people really root for them to be together, and there’s nothing more tantalizing than seeing people who want to be together who are forced to not be by circumstances. Which isn’t to say they won’t be together in fits and spurts, but trying to maintain a stable relationship in war time is impossible, and Cara will come to understand that.”

If nothing else, it’s nice to see the series staying true to its characters and basic logic (well, aside from the fact that Stephen has managed to flawlessly pull off being a double agent). After everything John pulled, there’s no way the gang could trust him to stay in charge — and the logical evolution is to pass the crown over to Cara. Well played.

What do you think of the season so far? Will you keep watching?


(Via Entertainment Weekly)