Producer hints one of DC's hottest heroes is headed to Arrow

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Apr 12, 2013, 3:48 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the most beloved DC heroes looks like he's on his way to Arrow, and we are VERY excited about it. 

Arrow has a pretty strict "no super powers" policy, which makes it hard to insert most of the DC Universe into the show. But there are a few who fit nicely. Heck, we even came up with a list of heroes who could have an Arrow-type show of their own. Turns out one of those characters was on producer Marc Guggenheim's radar, too, as evidenced by this tweet.

Kord Industries? As in Ted "Second Blue Beetle and Keeper of My Heart" Kord? Adequate means to express the geeky glee in my soul do not exist in the English language.

To fill you in -- because he was created by Steve Ditko (who also was no fan of super powers), Ted was the only one of the Blue Beetles not able to use the mystical, power-giving scarab. In lieu of super powers, Ted's Blue Beetle is just an amazing genius, a strong athlete and an incredibly cool guy. So basically he is the best Blue Beetle and perfect for Arrow.

This word came hot on the heels of news that there will be no shortage of Roy Harper and Slade Wilson next year. Sounds like our titular hero is going to need some help, and if Ted Kord is the shape that help takes, we will be overcome with joy.

(via MTV Splashpage)

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