Producer: Jericho movie is in active development

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Dan Shotz, co-executive producer of CBS' canceled post-apocalyptic drama Jericho, told SCI FI Wire that he and his fellow writer/producers are indeed serious about developing a feature film based on the cult show.

"It's not just wishful thinking," Shotz said in an exclusive interview Tuesday at CBS Studios in Studio City, Calif., where he screened the pilot of his new series, Harper's Island. He added: "We've ... been developing a feature to hopefully make, because we would love to. I mean, ... Jericho is so built in a way, ... especially where we left off season two, to create a feature. So our hope is to launch this comic-book series and then, with the development at the same time of the feature, hopefully get that launched as well."

The comic series is from Devil's Due Publishing and will pick up where the series left off, pledging to answer many of the story's lingering questions. The show's writers will contribute to the comic series, Shotz added.

"It's all us," Shotz said. "Jon Turteltaub, Karim Zreik, myself, Dan Shotz, Carol Barbee, Jon Steinberg, the whole group. ... When you've had an experience working on something like Jericho, it doesn't go away easily. It's all of our babies, and we love it, and ... we would love to see it keep going. Especially when ... you have the fan base like that fan base, and we were so fortunate and so lucky to get a season two because of that fan base, and we want to keep telling it if we can."

Shotz referred to the fan campaign to revive the series after CBS canceled it following its first season. The campaign—in which fans shipped tons of peanuts to CBS—succeeded in getting the show picked up for a seven-episode second season.

"We are picking up right after we left off and sort of telling what would have been season three in comic-book form," Shotz said.