Producer promises more answers and more questions on Fringe

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Jeff Pinkner, an executive producer of Fox's SF series Fringe, told SCI FI WIRE that an upcoming episode explores an alternate take on computer viruses. On the show, an FBI agent and father/son scientist duo solve mysteries of fringe science.

"[We deal with] computer viruses in a uniquely Fringe way," Pinkner said in an interview last week in Hollywood, Calif. "I think the question is: What are kids doing on their computers when parents aren't watching?"

In one of the show's continuing arcs, Mr. Jones (Jared Harris) will also figure more prominently. "Mr. Jones is one of my favorite characters," Pinker said. "Mr. Jones' story is going to get a lot richer this season. We're going to find out that he plays a much larger role in Olivia's [Anna Torv] life than we've been aware of so far."

Previously, Fringe executive producers Roberto Orci and J.J. Abrams suggested that the John Scott (Mark Valley) story will wrap up. Pinkner said that even the resolution will lead to more storytelling opportunities in the future.

"I don't think we will wrap anything up per se, just in that when you tell a story that's ultimately about characters' lives, nothing ever really gets wrapped up," Pinkner said. "We will close a chapter on John Scott. We'll do that soon, in fact. But he will still be a part of Olivia, and things that he shares with her before that story is wrapped up will continue to inform everything going forward."

In general, Pinkner said that any answers to Fringe's plot questions will only lead to more questions. "A lot of the questions that are asked by the pilot, implied by the pilot and that have been asked in the first 10 episodes will get much deeper," he said. "A lot of the questions will be answered, but, at the same time, every answer will lead to more questions." Fringe returns with new episodes on Jan. 20 and will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.