Producer promises: New V is full of OMFG! moments

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

While ABC always planned on making V event television, which is why the first four episodes aired last fall, executive producer and show runner Scott Rosenbaum told SCI FI Wire that the rest of the V event will be made up of eight uninterrupted episodes, starting tonight after Lost at 10 p.m. ET/PT with an episode titled "Welcome to the War."

And he said the rest of season one is going to move a lot faster than the first four episodes did.

"Rather than do the slow burn and just divvy out answers slowly, one at a time, you'll see in this new version of the show," Rosenbaum said, adding: "I mean, in every episode there will two or three or four 'Oh, my God!' 'Wow!' 'Holy crap!' moments, and at the same time asking new questions that you'll be getting some answers for.

"A lot of seeds needed to be planted in order to get where I want to be, which is where I am now, which is start to really get into who these people are," he said about the human resistance fighters in his story. "What their personal lives are like, what their desires are, what their conflicts are. Not having all them necessarily be on the same wavelength with everything. Yes, they are unified at stopping the Vs, but you know these are human beings that can have different agendas and really just trying to complicate things in terms of what would be real."

Beyond that the upcoming run of episodes will enlighten us as to what Anna's (Morena Baccarin) plan is for us, said Rosenbaum: "It is not just about world domination. I think that's too simplistic. We're going to find out more about what the secret is behind the Vs, why they are really here. They told us one thing, but what are they really here for? And we're going to get into what do they need Tyler for." Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) has been tapped by Anna's daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), as "the one." Of course, we don't know what "the one" means when it comes to V-dom.

We'll also learn what all those ships waiting on the edge of our solar system are all about, and story arcs will explore some of the mythology involving how long the Vs have been on Earth. "Where did they come from? All these questions will be raised and answered," said Rosenbaum.

"V is a story about two mothers, essentially, who are fighting for their children," said Rosenbaum. "They'll go to any lengths they have to to protect them, and by that I mean you know if Anna's the mother of Vs, you can look at Erica [Elizabeth Mitchell] as the mother of humanity, at least metaphorically."

And when it comes to mothers, the issues of Val's pregnancy will also be dealt with, he said. "We're definitely going to dive into the baby of Val and Ryan. Val's pregnant, and what does that mean in terms of what kind of baby is this going to be?"

Rosenbaum came on as the V show runner in episode three, after stints on The Shield and Chuck. While he admits he loves all genres, "I've always been a big science fiction fan." So a fit with V seemed perfect.

And as for these last eight season-one episodes, "I mean, the rhythm of the show in terms of the storytelling will be different," he said. "You will be getting a lot more answers into why the Vs are here, what's different about the Vs, what can they do."

Rosenbaum promises the new shows "are fabulous, and I hope everybody watches them. I think we took what the best of what the original four was and we added on to it. I think for those people who watched it, they're going to love it. And I hope the people that stopped watching will tune back in because they see sort of the new version of the show. I really do. ... I think it's uniquely different than anything that is on television right now."

V will air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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