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Producers say Revolution's world will expand (and people will die)

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Apr 22, 2013, 3:27 PM EDT

The world of NBC's Revolution is about to get bigger. Now that the secret's out about why the power went off, the series will embrace its title fully as the rebels battle Monroe and we get to see what happened to the rest of America after the lights went out, said co-executive producers Paul Grellong and David Rambo in exclusive interviews with Blastr.

[Spoiler alert!]

“The whole landscape, the whole playing field has changed,” said Grellong. “The focus shifts, the scope gets bigger, the old rivalries and relationships only grow more intense. [With the quest for] power, a whole new host of problems rises.”

Tonight we'll get a glimpse of what's outside the Monroe Republic in “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” an episode that was pre-empted last week due to the tragedy in Boston. The episode takes Charlie, Miles and Nora into the Georgia Federation, where they run into someone from Miles' past, President Foster (24's Leslie Hope).

“We're going to see other parts of the country for the first time,” said Rambo. “That is very interesting, because the Monroe Republic is just kind of the northeast United States. But we will go down into Georgia, which is very different. The quest to stop Monroe from getting all the power will take us -– you can tell I have to be very careful here -– but I think it'll take us west. I'll say that.”

The first half of Revolution's season one was spent with Charlie, her uncle Miles and their friends searching for Charlie's brother, Danny, while regularly going up against the Monroe Republic and its dictator, Gen. Sebastian Monroe. Now that Danny's been killed and the secret of why the lights went out has been explained (nanites, programmed to absorb power and to replicate, that got out into the world), the rebels have been on the run. That's going to change as they begin to fight back.

“The thrust of the second half of the season is that the revolution rises, and we look at some of these alliances that were formed in the first half of the season and how they've fractured and what new alliances take their place and how they play out. So it's a lot of surprises, a lot of action, a lot of emotion. And yeah, there are some losses that are going to hurt. And some other newfound sources of strength in working together, in finding out how to do that,” said Rambo.

“The big mission is of course now to stop Monroe. That is the revolution, because he is, as Miles said many times, out of control. We now know their backstory, that Miles tried to kill him as part of an in-house assassination and failed, which is why he had to escape and leave the militia. But a big, big driver for the second half of the season is that we're going to learn a lot more about Charlie and Rachel,” he said.

“These are people who carry their experiences and histories with them in a really palpable way. So to put them all back together is going to create a kind of pressure cooker,” said Grellong.

Now that the quest to rescue Danny is over (and he died to stop an attack on a rebel base), and now that we know why the lights went out, “we're not just answering those questions, we're asking new ones. And they're bigger. They're more challenging, both in terms of action and plot, but most importantly, they're challenging in terms of the characters,” he said.

“Now that Miles is with the rebellion, we'll get to see more of those people, see who Nora's colleagues are and also see what it's like to see Miles in charge of people who are fighting for something again,” said Rambo.

“We start to deal with real questions of what a revolution means and what it's like to live a life during wartime. Can this family stay together during wartime? How does that push all of these characters past the limits that they thought they knew and take them to brand-new places? That's really the challenge and the exciting part of the second half of the first season,” said Grellong.

“All kinds of mysteries will be slowly revealed in time. [Creator Eric Kripke's] gone on record saying this sort of thing. He's not in the interest of asking huge questions and never answering them. People won't be left hanging when they tune in to Revolution and check out the back half of the first season, because he's not a creator/showrunner who wants to leave anyone hanging. And as a staff, we, in the second half of the season versus the first, we've become far less reserved when it comes to the pace at which we are willing to burn through story. The second half of the season moves fast. It's high-octane and it's nonstop. ... That's the way we like to tell the stories here,” he said.

And when it comes to those shocking losses, Danny and Maggie, who died earlier in the season, won't be the only casualties. “It's Revolution. Somebody's always going to die. I would say no one is safe. It's an unsafe world, and we wouldn't be showing the world if everybody got through without a scratch,” said Rambo.

Here's a look at tonight's episode:

Revolution airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET.

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