Pro sushi chef carves 10 Star Wars figures out of vegetables

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Dec 15, 2012

What do you get when you take a professional sushi chef and mix in his love of Star Wars? You get a lot of freakin' sweet Star Wars carvings, that's what. Did we say "sweet"? That implies fruit. Actually, Chef Oki does it all with vegetables.

Chef Oki, from Kadoma-City in Osaka, Japan, works with potatoes, carrots and radishes (and occasionally food dye) to make his edible masterpieces. The chef has been posting his Star Wars veggie carvings since 2007. His most recent one—Darth Vader made from carrots—appeared a week ago.

Veggie Darth Vader has probably shriveled by now, but thanks to the power of photography, he'll be with us, always. And he'll be reminding you to eat your vegetables.

Check out some of Chef Oki's awesome work below.

(via TheForce.Net)

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