Professor Marston and the Wonder Women brings a 'conventional love story about unconventional people' to NYCC

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Oct 8, 2017, 6:53 PM EDT (Updated)

There was a lot of love in the room when the cast and creator of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women descended on the Hammerstein Ballroom at New York Comic Con. Actors Rebecca Hall and Luke Evans joined writer/director Angela Robinson on stage to discuss the film, the liberties they took with the real life source material, and the importance of representing relationships outside the norm.

Rebecca Hall, who plays Marston’s wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, said she first heard about the Marston’s thanks to a piece in the New York Times and immediately wanted to make a movie about it herself before she learned Robinson had already penned a script. That script, and the movie it became, said Robinson, was an 8 year labor of love. She wrote it over the course of four years in between various TV jobs and spent another four attempting to find someone to finance it.

“I can honestly say that no one wanted me to make this movie until everyone did,” she told one fan who asked what advice she had for aspiring filmmakers who also fall under the LGBT/POC umbrellas.

And that theme of respect and passion for both the story and the real life people was the theme of the afternoon. Both Hall and Evans praised the film for the way it handled the polyamorous relationship between the Marson’s and Olive Byrne. Hall called the film a “very conventional love story about a very unconventional group of people” and said she most appreciated the fact that the characters don’t actually spend the movie debating and dwelling on the logistics of their threesome. Instead, they act like normal people with concerns far beyond their romantic life.

“The polyamorous relationship was a chance to depict a part of society that we don’t see very often,” said Evans, as Hall added that “it’s about three people who have choice, who are loving, who are empowered.”

A few audience members questioned Robinson’s decision to depict the relationship between Elizabeth and Olive as sexual, an element of the relationship that has never been specifically confirmed. Robinson said she did have a source while researching the book who said that was their own understanding of the relationship, but that ultimately the film is her interpretation based on that research.

As for what Wonder Woman fans can expect from the movie when it is released, Robinson says she included plenty of Easter Eggs for big time comic fans, including a scene in which Elizabeth wears a cheetah jacket.

Those weren’t the only treats for the audience. The event also included the debut of a brand new trailer which included some brand new footage. They also debuted an NYCC exclusive clip, showing the moment William Moulton Marston first pitched his new idea to the publisher who would one day become DC Comics.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women debuts in theaters on October 13th.

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