Project yourself into this new 5-page peek at Marvel's Doctor Strange Annual #1

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Sep 27, 2016

Marvel Comics' relaunch of Doctor Strange as a main solo title has been nothing short of a revelation this year and one of the first books I snag from my pull shelf every month.  So what better way to celebrate the Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo run's majesterial achievements than a killer Annual Issue hitting comic shops on Wednesday.  Written by Kathryn Immonen and Robbie Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero, Doctor Strange Annual #1 picks up after the devastation of the Empirikul clash as Doctor Strange and Wong nurse their wounds and try to restore the sanctity of their Bleecker Street abode.   An old flame and protege reappears to add mystery and complexity to the Sorcerer Supreme's otherworldly domain.  Is the Dark Dimension tagging along wth her? Doctor Strange Annual #1 manifests itself in comic stores and digital download on Sept. 28.

Here's the official solicitation description:

Clea comes back into Doctor Strange’s life as he’s picking up the pieces from the worst beating he’s ever taken. Clea’s going to make that battle look like a walk in the park. Also in this issue… WHO ARE THE SORCERERS SUPREME?!

Have a look at this 5-page preview with variant covers in the gallery below and tell us if you're a true disciple of Marvel's Doctor Strange series.

(Via Flickering Myth)


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