Wild Prometheus PR stunt turns Paris metro into alien-ridden world

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

We've seen some pretty outrageous public-relations stunts before—sometimes they work, sometimes they suck out loud—but this Prometheus installation that 20th Century Fox set up in a Parisian metro station is rather ingenious. And creepy.

The Saint-Martin subway station has been closed since 1939, but the marketing team behind Prometheus has transformed it into the surface of Ridley Scott's alien world. By the looks of it, passengers won't be able to disembark; they'll merely be able to snatch glimpses of it as their train passes by.

Which, frankly, is scarier: I can't imagine being loaded up with rich French wine and cheeses, taking the metro home at 2 a.m., gazing idly out the window ... and seeing a giant effing blue head staring back at me.

I think I'd merde my pantaloons.

(Via MinuteBuzz)