Prometheus writer reveals chestburster sex scene Lindelof killed

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Dec 17, 2012, 4:24 PM EST

Though it's definitely tied to the original, the final cut of Prometheus wound up being a pretty loose prequel to Ridley Scott's Alien. But it wasn't always that way. Original screenwriter Jon Spaihts put in all kinds of Alien fare in his original drafts, including a wild chestburster moment that co-writer Damon Lindelof later cut.

Remember the weird black liquid that the android David (Michael Fassbender) used to contaminate Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), who then contaminated Shaw (Noomi Rapace) through spaceship sex? Well, that wasn't how Spaihts envisioned things. Instead of a subtle drop of black liquid, he wanted Holloway to be contaminated by a facehugger, which would then result in a very brutal sex scene between Holloway and Shaw.

"David, as he began to get fascinated by the science of the Engineers, doesn't deliberately contaminate Holloway with a drop of black liquid. Instead, Holloway hubristically removes his helmet in the chamber" -- a version of which happens in the finished Prometheus -- is knocked unconscious, facehugged and wakes up not knowing what had been done to him, and stumbles back into the ship," Spaihts said in an interview with Empire. Enter the chestburster. In what Spaihts described as a "messy" scene, Holloway returns to his cabin and is "embraced by Shaw, who is delighted to see him having feared that he had died, and the two of them make love," he goes on to say. "And it's while they're making love that he bursts and dies."

But that's not all Spaihts tried for. He also wanted to David to tie up Shaw and then expose her to a facehugger by opening an egg sac right in front of her.

"He caresses an egg open and out comes a facehugger," Spaihts said, noting that because David isn't human, "he can handle the the thing like a kitten. He toys with her for a bit and then lets it take her. That, in my draft, was how Shaw was implanted with the parasite that she had to remove with the medpod sequence."

But wait, there's more! Remember the brutal medpod scene, where Shaw has emergency surgery to get the alien parasite out of her body? That was originally going to be the death of the rest of the crew. According to Spaihts, the creature from Shaw's stomach would have ejected from the medpod while she was trapped inside. It would have grown in front of her and then slaughtered the rest of the crew while she watched. Yikes.

Of course, when Lindelof came on board, he and Scott got together and stripped out all these elements. What do you think? Would you rather have seen this movie?

(Empire via MovieLine)

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