Prophet, the Rob Liefeld hero without a future, is getting his own movie

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Jul 11, 2018, 4:22 PM EDT

A new report foretells the coming of an all-new film based on Prophet, the Rob Liefeld-created hero who finds himself stranded in the present after being prepped to do high-stakes battle in a future that never arrived.

Deadline reports that the Image Comics character, whom Deadpool creator Liefeld debuted in the early 1990s with the Youngblood comics series, will get a big-screen adaptation from Studio 8, which inked “a mid-six against seven-figure” deal for film rights to the wayward super-soldier. Liefeld reportedly is producing the new movie, alongside Adrian Askarieh and Brooklyn Weaver.

Prophet tells the story of John Prophet, a down-on-his-luck WWII-era volunteer who signed up for an experimental DNA enhancement project aimed at transforming him into a mindless, havoc-wreaking badass. The brainchild of Dr. Horatio Wells, the experiment was designed to cryogenically freeze Prophet until the time came to deploy his services against the Disciples, a super-gang headed by Wells’ nemesis, the evil Phillip Omen.

Of course things go wrong during Prophet’s stasis, and he wakes before the future Wells had prepared him for ever arrives. Stranded, disoriented, and confused about his moral role in an unfamiliar world, Prophet decides to remake his conscience — and his life — from the ground up.

After his debut with the Youngblood series, Prophet spun into his own line of comics, eventually moving through three full story cycles in the 1990s before re-emerging in 2012 for a new, eponymous comic and its successor, Prophet: Earth War, which Image released in 2016.

Details on the new project are still light, and we only wish we were clairvoyant enough to predict the unnamed film’s eventual release date. There’s no early word on a development timeline, either, so stay tuned for updates as Liefeld and Studio 8 march Prohpet into the future.