Did a prop auction just give away possible Man of Steel spoilers?

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Dec 17, 2012

The Man of Steel leaks just keep coming. Last month we showed you a document from the shoot that reveals some potentially big changes to Superman's origin story, and now, thanks to a prop auction and a little simple deduction, we know even more about one of the film's major characters.

Until now, all we really knew about Amy Adams' Lois Lane was that she's a redhead, but here's something that could tell us a lot about what the character's up to in the reboot, at least at first. The Man of Steel production recently put a bunch of smaller props from the flick up for auction. None of it's anything particularly huge, just chairs and lamps and various bits of set dressing. But amid all that set dressing is one very interesting bulletin board that happened to come from Lois Lane's place.

The Propstop actually purchased the item from the auction and posted a photo to its blog, noting that the board has "a couple of Daily Planet stories on it attributed to her [Lois] that are about a poisoning of the Metropolis area by an unknown contamination."

So what does this poisoning have to do with the movie? We're not completely sure, but consider a couple of clues: This prop came from the Plano, Ill., set where the Man of Steel crew constructed Smallville. That tells us Lois is hanging out in Superman's hometown. But why?

Well, check out that mysterious black rock in the center of the newspaper article. Looks like it could be kinda spacey, right? Does it look spacey enough to have come from Krypton? Maybe. Could it be that Lois is in Smallville to trace those Metropolis poisonings back to their source? Could that source be a certain superhero baby's crashed Kryptonian escape pod, or something more sinister?

We can't say for sure, but enough pieces are in place to make it look very likely that Lois is sniffing around Smallville trying to solve a mystery, which could set up a Clark/Lois meetup in the heart of Kansas. Plus, the whole poisoning thing could give us a clue as to what Zod is up to. None of this is certain, but it's amazing what one little prop can do to your perspective, isn't it?

(Propstop via Cosmic Book News)

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