Watch Zachary Levi's heartwarmingly hilarious zombie-killing PSA

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Dec 16, 2012

Last summer, we brought you an important announcement from the team at Break Originals and Mr. Nathan Fillion about a very grave condition affecting gamers. But Fillion wasn't the only geek star to send a powerful message.

Chuck's Zachary Levi has also recorded a very important PSA, asking you to kill your zombies cleanly.

"You know, growing up, I assumed zombies should be taken down by whatever means necessary, whether it be for survival of just plain fun," Levi says over a heartwarming soundtrack. "Zombies were just giant targets to be reckoned with, then dispensed of however you liked. But I was wrong. Undead wrong."

We all know that zombies can be taken care of with a quick, clean shot to the brain, Levi argues, so why would we want to spend time doing anything else to them? Levi points out that "torturing or dismembering zombies for sport or attempting to dispatch them with anything other than a solid headshot is not only immature, but an incredible waste of time and perfectly good ammunition."

He also reminds us that it's not simply a matter of immaturity, but of humanity. Zombies were people too, after all. And yes, they have no feelings now. But, Levi so powerfully reminds us, "they used to."

"It's crucial we recognize zombies as more than just bone-rotting, meat-sack stinkwagons and rather like temporary, killable people," he says. "Remember: How would you feel if you had no feelings?"

So watch this very important announcement from a caring star who's looking out for our undead brethren, and remember: "Be wise. Shoot between the eyes."

(via Collider)

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