Psychic spy story produced by Ridley Scott? Yes, please!

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Jun 26, 2015, 3:22 PM EDT (Updated)

Ridley Scott sure is picking awesome projects these days.

Case in point, Mind MGMT just got optioned by Fox and Scott is set to produce.  Never heard of Mind MGMT?  That's not surprising, because it's a relatively new Dark Horse comic from writer Matt Kindt.  It's also got a great concept.

True-crime author Meru decides she wants to write a novel exploring the truth behind a well-known mystery.  Allegedly, on a random airplane everyone save one child suddenly suffered from total and complete amnesia.  The peculiar tale brings her to a group of psychic spies whose top asset, Henry Lime, has lost control of his abilities, to disastrous effect.  Can Lime be stopped, and what connection could Meru already have to those amnesiacs?  That's only scraping the surface of Mind MGMT.

What we're saying is, it's a cool idea, and we're very excited to see a name like Ridley Scott attached, because it means it stands a good chance of getting made and made well.  In the meantime, if you think the story sounds interesting, you might want to give the comic a chance.  And while you're at it, read Kindt's graphic novel Revolver, too.  That one could also do with a movie treatment.

(via Empire)