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Puppets, Rambo Ray and a Charlie’s Angels homage in the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale

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Dec 10, 2018

Constantine pretty much demolished the time stream last week, all to set up a wild romp of a midseason finale that finds Constantine and Charlie — the team’s two newest additions and outsiders — teaming up to save the day.

Spoilers ahead for “Legends of To-Meow Meow,” the midseason finale of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Dec. 10, 2018.

We’ve spent most of the season getting to know Charlie and Constantine, and the midway point of the season made for a good break point to pull them out and let them carry an episode — and a big one at that. Both Charlie and Constantine have been grappling with their roles among the Legends, and forcing them to rethink their priorities in a very real way thanks to the joys of time travel went a long way toward solidifying their places on the team. After Constantine broke the timeline, it pulled a timey-wimey version of It’s a Wonderful Life, as he and Charlie get a firsthand look at how the lives of the Legends would change if they’d never joined the crew.

Long story short, lots of Legends die in those early battles against the magical creatures (which makes sense, considering Constantine swooped in with his magical expertise to finish them off). Charlie has her own epiphany, after going back and back and back again to try and set the timeline right without actually resetting it. Constantine and Charlie are hell-bent on figuring out a way to fix things without actually fixing things, because restoring the timeline would mean robbing Charlie of her powers and dooming Constantine’s lover Dez to hell.

Though Constantine caused all the trouble, it’s Charlie who proves to be the surprise linchpin of the Legends — because without her influence on the Legends to show them all these magical fugitives aren’t inherently evil, the team turns to the dark side pretty quickly. Depending on who’s dead, we get the Custodians of the Chronology, made up of Ray, Mick, and Nate (with a name almost certainly generated by Nate) going Rambo across the time stream and wasting any fugitive they track down. In another timeline, you have the Sirens of Space Time, with the female Legends carrying on without the men. Ava, Sara, and Gideon (sporting a real-world body) act as the Angels to Hank’s Charlie. It’s all hilarious, silly, and weird — trademark Legends.

For a midseason finale, “Legends of To-Meow Meow” made for a thrilling romp that also brought Charlie and Constantine deeper into the fold. Charlie has struggled to find her place, but making the decision to give up her powers to keep the team together was a big moment. The same goes for Constantine, who is finally starting to realize there are some good things about having a team around him.

Assorted musings

Legends of Tomorrow Charlie

Hey, the annual crossover got a shoutout! We hear that the Waverider has missed calls from Barry, Oliver, and Kara — as Ray notes that, yep, it’s that time of year. Of course, the Legends are busy enough with their own problems, so they opt to sit this one out. A fun, tongue-in-cheek nod to the event happening back in 2018.

Constantine confiding in cat Zari was hilarious.

Of course Mick would run off with the Fairy Godmother. The spinoff we don’t deserve.

Also, here’s hoping The CW cranks out a few more shorts based on the Puppets of Tomorrow. Those songs were surprisingly catchy.

With the timeline back on track, we pick up where the last episode was ending, with the evil puppet captured and Ava and Mick bonding over his novel.

Constantine comes clean to Sara about his freelancing, and also tells her about the demon tracking him down. The closing shot of the episode dovetails things pretty clearly, as it turns out Hank (and the Time Bureau) is working for the demon — who is now wearing the face of Constantine’s lover Dez.

See you in 2019. In the meantime, don’t forget “Elseworlds” continues on Tuesday.

Legends of Tomorrow Nate

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