Purr-fect! Julie Newmar to voice Catwoman in upcoming Batman '66 animated feature

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Apr 1, 2015, 10:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Batfans are purring with glee at news that original Catwoman Julie Newmar will be lending her vocal talents to the planned Batman '66 animated movie coming out next year.  According to 13th Dimension, Newmar will provide the sultry voice for Selina Kyle, further amping up the film's nostalgic appeal. 

West and Ward declared their involvement in the project at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, N.C., last weekend and confirmed their return as the Dynamic Duo, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV series.  Newmar is a frequent guest at fan gatherings, and conventions and her appeal has only been enhanced by the recent revival of Batman '66 in comic books, clothing, collectible figures and last year's deluxe Blu-ray box set release of the TV series' remastered three seasons.

She was the first of three '60s-era Catwoman actresses to slip into the skintight catsuit, with Eartha Kitt and Lee Meriweather completing the trio.  It was Newmar's playful, sexy rendition of the character that generated some heated chemistry between her and Adam West, endearing audiences to the colorful, campy show and creating generations of adoring fans.  Are you excited for Newmar's attachment to the upcoming Batman '66 project, or was your heart holding out for another?

(Via Comic Book Movie)