Q & BA Episode 2: Journey to the Center of the Sun

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Feb 11, 2007

Q & BA Episode 2 is now online! It's called "Journey to the Center of the Sun", and I talk about the density at the center of the Sun, comparing it to water and iron. I also talk about how the Sun makes energy, and marvel at the numbers. At several points marshmallows are involved.

Caveat emptor -- I made a mistake in the video. I don't mean the five hydrogen atoms; I mean something else. Anyone catch it? It wasn't important enough for me to edit out or anything, but to be honest I'm admitting it (sortof) here. Post a comment if you think you know what it is.

You can also see this video on YouTube, on LibSyn (with much better resolution), or get it through iTunes (you need to follow the instructions I posted here).

Incidentally, after a few requests, I have made audio-only versions of the podcasts too. I'll post them on LibSyn simultaneously with the vidcast, and they'll have the same episode number as the vidcast, but with an "a" after them. Here is Episode 1a (galaxies), and Episode 2a (the current one about the Sun).

Don't forget to keep those questions coming!

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