Queen Latifah drops hints about her All of Me remake and its status

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Queen Latifah, who is attached to a remake of the body-switching comedy film All of Me, told SCI FI Wire that the project is caught between producers' notes and a studio shake-up. Adam Shankman was developing the script at New Line with his production company, Offspring Entertainment, when Warner Brothers took over New Line.

"I know a script came in," Latifah said in an exclusive interview Monday in Santa Monica, Calif., following a press conference for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. "You've really kind of got to talk to Adam Shankman, because they were taking point on that. A script came in that wasn't quite where it needed to be, so they sent it back with some notes to be worked on some more. Then the whole thing kind of went crazy with New Line, because it was a New Line project, so it sort of just went up in the air for a minute. I'm sure it'll land somewhere."

The original starred Steve Martin as a lawyer, half of whose body becomes possessed by the spirit of a woman (Lily Tomlin). Latifah's version would switch genders: She becomes possessed. She added that she had hoped Martin himself would play the Tomlin role.

"We were still figuring out who that was going to be," Latifah said. "It would've been fun to kind of do it with him again."

Latifah also hinted that her character might have more than one spirit inside her. "[I would be] the one with a couple characters in me," she added. "That would be me."