Quentin Tarantino may (or may not) direct The Shadow

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Remember that 1994 movie about The Shadow? We do, though we wish we didn't. (Sorry, Alec Baldwin!) Luckily, a new big-screen adaptation is coming, one we've known about for a while. But the latest news on the project—one that might be nothing more than a rumor—could bring aboard a new director who'd wipe that earlier film from our minds.

According to pajiba, Quentin Tarantino is currently in discussions to direct:

... the person that is now attached to the project is none other than Quentin Tarantino, who is also attached as co-writer. ... The Shadow has never been mentioned among the 27 dozen projects that Tarantino has always been obsessed with. Maybe he loved original radio show and the pulps (which do seem up Tarantino's alley), and maybe he saw Siavash Farahani's script and decided that, if anyone could erase the memory of Alec Baldwin's atrocity, it'd be him. Maybe Tarantino just loves the challenge. Or maybe he's just added this to the huge pile of future possibilities and has no intention of ever directing. All I know is that, for the moment, he is being discussed (and this is a two-way discussion) and or already attached as the future director of The Shadow.

This is one rumor we're hoping turns true. Whether it does or not, what do you think about a Tarantino-flavored Shadow?

(via comingsoon)