Quick astronomy news update

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Aug 7, 2007

I get news releases from various sources, and, irritatingly, I didn't get these two until well after a bunch of other articles were posted. So, since they saved me the trouble of having to do it myself, I'll simply point you elsewhere:

1) Astronomers have found an extrasolar planet with the largest physical diameter yet. In fact, it's bigger than models say it should be, which is always cool. I wonder if it is interacting magnetically with its parent star, and if that could affect it?

2) Spitzer Space telescope spied four galaxies in a pretty big smash-up. New Scientist has an article on it as well.

3) Oh yeah -- the Shuttle is due to launch tomorrow at 6:36 p.m. Eastern time. I'll be live-covering it on Twitter, as usual.

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