Quicksilver's been cast (but bizarrely, it's not for Avengers 2)

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May 23, 2013

Things just got complicated in the Marvel Movie Universe.

Bryan Singer just dropped a bomb on Twitter.


That's right -- Quicksilver, who was recently confirmed for Avengers 2, is going to be in X-Men Days of Future Past first!

Now, the reason that's such a big deal is that the X-Men film franchise is controlled by Fox, not Disney. So while Pietro Maximoff can (and will) appear in Avengers 2, Marvel can't explicitly indicate that he is Magneto's son. That's one major advantage Fox will have over Disney with the character, not to mention that Days of Future Past will be out before Avengers 2.

As for the casting, Evan Peters is an interesting choice. He was already in the violent superhero flick Kick-Ass, and he played a very convincing psychopath on American Horror Story, so we can definitely see him playing a tortured and relatable antagonist.

This casting news raises two big questions -- will Peters play Quicksilver in Avengers 2 as well, and will Scarlet Witch be showing up in Days of Future Past? We'd be pretty shocked if the answer to the latter question were no, but, as to the former, it's anyone's guess.

(via Comic Book Movie)

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