Quinto is training for a more intense Spock in Star Trek 2

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Dec 15, 2012
Star Trek 2 is finally on its way, and though production doesn't start until January, Zachary Quinto is already hard at work prepping for his return as Spock, getting in "serious shape" for a major action sequence that shows a rougher side of everyone's favorite Vulcan. While out promoting his new flick Margin Call, Quinto said his new fitness regimen is in anticipation of an action sequence that features Spock heavily, and though he didn't elaborate on exactly what he'll be asked to do, he did say he's doing lots of cardio.   "There's a big sequence for me that I have to prepare for in this movie physically so I'm training, working on getting in some serious shape, building my cardio endurance, preparing to run a lot," Quinto said.   Yeah, we know, traditionally Spock isn't all about running and jumping and punching. Usually there's a patented nerve pinch and he's done, but Quinto says his Spock is a bit different, something proven by his intense attack on Kirk in one of the first Trek flick's testier moments.   "One of the climactic scenes for me in the first movie was when I go against that grain and lose my cool and beat up Kirk. So I think they're trying to change that up a little bit and not have him be just intellectual but also have another side."   Quinto also commented on his place in science fiction cinema in general. Though he never planned it, his film career so far has been defined by two sci-fi roles, Spock and Sylar from the NBC series Heroes.   "I never would have anticipated sci-fi factoring so prominently in my career," Quinto said. "It was not a genre I spent a lot of my own time immersed in. Comic books was not really my bag. I'm grateful for it. I come from a theater background. That's how I learned to act. There's something very theatrical about the world of 'Heroes,' of 'Star Trek,' so it was an easy fit for me. It was comfortable, more on the basis of technique than content. ... But to be so closely associated with one of the most iconic characters in the history of sci-fi, I have to work a little harder against that expectation."   (Via Hero Complex)

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