Quirky, Eisner-nominated indie comic Lumberjanes coming to the big screen

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Jun 1, 2015, 12:16 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the quirkiest comics on the market is coming to the big screen, and we couldn’t be happier. World, get ready for Lumberjanes.

The Wrap reports that 20th Century Fox has picked up the film rights to the Boom! Studios comic, which started as an eight-week miniseries and grew into an Eisner-nominated (Best New Series) critical hit. To boil it down to a logline, the series focuses on a group of girls spending the summer at camp, where they encounter strange creatures and other supernatural phenomena. Cue (very witty, well-written) zaniness.

The comic is helmed by Shannon Watters, Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis and Brooke A. Allen. In case you’re worried all that awesomeness will be lost in translation, Boom! Studios executives Ross Richie and Stephen Christy are attached to executive-produce with Adam Yoelin (Two Night Stand). Sources also say the studio is hunting for a female director (hear, hear!) to helm the project right now.

In case you’re worried the (seemingly) high-risk series might crash into development hell, we’re psyched to report that the studio is apparently high to get this one in production as soon as possible.

Are you glad to see a comic series way outside the usual superhero fare getting a shot at big-screen glory? Do you think it'll be a hit?

(Via The Wrap)