A raging new Mad Max: Fury Road VFX featurette awaits you in Valhalla

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Jun 4, 2015, 12:09 PM EDT (Updated)

If Mad Max: Fury Road left you with a lust for lots more horsepower and the lingering scent of nitromethane in your nostrils, this introspective featurette from the folks at Wired is tailor-made for you, breaking down the complex stuntwork and camera logistics of the film's high-octane mayhem. 

FX Guide's Mike Seymour hosts a stripped-bare look under the hood of director George Miller's post-apocalyptic demolition derby and its unnerving assemblage of over 2000 in-camera FX shots, green screen matting, custom-made stunt vehicles, innovative color grading, safety rig work and full CGI environments.  Strap in and get ready for a seriously bumpy ride!

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