Raimi FINALLY watched Amazing Spider-Man - so what'd he think?

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Mar 8, 2013, 11:44 AM EST

Last we heard, Sam Raimi was too afraid to look at what Marc Webb has done with the Spider-Man franchise he made a box-office hit. Now the acclaimed director has finally taken a peek at The Amazing Spider-Man. So what’d he think?

Despite both being origin tales, Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy and Webb’s reboot were pretty different in tone. The new one was a little grittier, while Raimi’s original take had a more classic comic-book feel.

Raimi gave his critique of Webb’s version in an interview with Hey U Guys, and revealed he really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the sequel:

“It was very hard for me to see the new Spider-Man movie, I felt so attached to it, I couldn’t see Spider-Man with another director; it’s like my love, and I didn’t want to walk in on my love with someone else. It was just like that. Then I got over myself last week and said, ‘just see the damn thing’. And I did, and I loved it. I actually felt free.

I thought, ‘why am I carrying around this baggage?’ Of course the next Spider-Man story should be told, and [Marc Webb] did a wonderful job telling that. I loved the movie, and I’m looking forward like a fan to the next instalment. I love the comic book, and now I don’t feel bound, and I’m really glad somebody’s remaking it again.”

It’s nice to know that Webb’s version has a fan in Raimi, but which do you prefer?

(Via Hey U Guys)