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Rainn Wilson stars in and directs fourth Short Trek, 'The Escape Artist' - watch the teaser

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Dec 20, 2018, 10:00 PM EST

In the Star Trek universe, the most crucial place to sit is in the captain’s chair. For Rainn Wilson, it’s going to be the director’s chair.

In leading up to the Season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Discovery next month, CBS All Access has released a series of minisodes called Short Treks — 10-15-minute closed story adventures featuring characters from the main series. So far, episodes have focused on Sylvia Tilly, a young Saru, and, well, because it’s Star Trek, a sentient USS Discovery from 1000 years in their future.

The fourth and final Short Trek (for now) will feature the return of Rainn Wilson’s Harry Mudd in an episode entitled “The Escape Artist,” premiering Jan. 3. Wilson also serves as director for the episode. Take a look at the trailer...

Harry Mudd is NOT a good human being. We believe he did every single thing they have him recorded as doing. But that doesn’t mean he’s not fun to watch. It’s inspiring to see the good guys be good. It can be just as impressive to watch the bad guys be bad.

The title of the episode may give away what happens to Mudd in the end. It’s probably a good thing. That means he’ll be around to mess with the crew of the Discovery once again. Starfleet shoes are too clean. Getting a little Mudd on them will be good.

Star Trek: Discovery  Season 2 premieres Jan. 17 on CBS All Access.

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