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Ralph breaks the internet with stellar first reactions to Wreck-It sequel

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Nov 5, 2018, 12:13 PM EST (Updated)

Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to Disney’s arcade-spanning Wreck-It Ralph, is already projected to dominate the box office on a weekend with another big-name sequel in Creed II.

But with early reactions rolling in, it seems like Disney has another critical hit on its hands as well, with the expansive take on online culture earning sweeping praise from those who got their hands on the animated film before the rest of us. And those Disney princesses probably didn’t hurt either.

A bevy of critics and writers (including SYFY WIRE’s own Tara Bennett) got to see an early screening of the second film featuring John C. Reilly's Ralph — and there was plenty of excitement, praise, and even relief to go around in their first thoughts. It’s gonna be a funny film with a lot of heart... that may rub you the wrong way if you, like us, spend your entire day online.

Check them out:

So, no matter which way you turn, you’re going to get heartfelt friendship. It is a Disney movie, after all. But depending on fans’ stance on the first film, audiences could expect to laugh much more, be delighted by upgraded animation, or simply puzzle over what a bunch of Disney executives think the internet is like. Either way, it sounds like a good time.

Ralph Wrecks the Internet hits theaters on Nov. 21.

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