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Rampage's new trailer pits a flying wolf against a friendly ape

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Feb 13, 2018, 12:54 PM EST

Dwayne Johnson has already had one bona fide hit recently with his Jumanji sequel, but he’s donning safari khakis yet again for the video game adaptation Rampage. Taking the giant-creatures-destroying-Illinois arcade game to the big screen, director Brad Peyton makes Johnson’s scientist deal with shadowy organizations, fellow scientists, and the transformation of his ape pal in the course of saving America.

While we know the basics of the plot from the film’s first trailer, its second reveals a few maniacal details that make its smash-’em-up narrative even more outrageous and exciting.

Just watch:


So that huge wolf from the first trailer? It can fly now, with flying squirrel-like gliders under its arms and legs. That’s bad news for the fleet of militarized helicopters circling the film’s version of Chicago and, in the trailer’s most interesting reveal, for the gorilla George.

George has a face turn late in the game, it seems, as he teams up with Johnson’s character to battle the remaining giant creatures. The crocodile is the first to feel George’s Kong-esque wrath, but I’m certain it won’t be the last.

George is also revealed to be a bit of a practical joker, pranking one of Johnson’s associates before his genetic mutation and subsequent escape from San Diego’s wildlife facility. At least Johnson will have one more ally, along with a genetic engineer played by Naomie Harris. This action blockbuster looks more and more like the lovechild of kaiju-smashing Pacific Rim and Jurassic World every time new footage is revealed, which is more than enough to wonder if it’ll be a box office hit.

Rampage premieres on April 20.