Randi speaks about TAM 7!

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Apr 8, 2009

Hey! I know this guy!

I'm getting seriously excited about The Amaz!ng Meeting 7. Plans are going well, and we have a full schedule of awesomeness ... in fact, given our enthusiastic community, there's probably more stuff to do in Vegas that weekend (July 9 - 12) than there's time for. Speakers, workshops, comedy, magic, parties, and more.

I've been to every single TAM, and I have to say that the support, the intelligent atmosphere, the attitudes of everyone... if I weren't such a hardened skeptic, I might almost call it magical. It isn't that, of course: it's just the zeitgeist of a thousand critical thinkers all in one place, exchanging ideas, making friends, and having fun.

If you read this blog -- and I'm guessing you do -- then you want to be at TAM 7. Go check it out, then go register. You'll love it. And I have evidence to support that claim.

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