Ranking the sexiest werewolves on television

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Nov 29, 2018, 6:01 PM EST

What is it about werewolves that makes them so damn seductive? Maybe it’s the tortured soul angle. Maybe it’s the sense that they’re one full moon (or not, depending on the lore) from ripping you apart — but like, in a spicy, fun way. Actually, you know what? It's probably a combination of the uncontrollable animal appetite and all the rampant nudity. “Oh no, I transformed, completely out of nowhere on this, the night of the full moon, and now all my clothes are ripped and torn and I’m all exposed,” cries the wolf-person. “Yay!” cries the viewer.

In honor of the unabashed display of naked bodies turning into horrible monsters and then back into sexy (human) beasts again, here’s a list of the very sexiest werewolves of TV.

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Nora Sergeant (Being Human, US)

When you’re a kickass nurse who doesn’t play with manbabies, it pretty much bites to get scratched by your boyfriend and the father of the werefetus you’re carrying while he’s transforming into a werewolf. On the US version of Being Human, Nora Sergeant (Kristen Hager) proves, however, that being a werewolf can also be very sexy and very, very violent. While Nora is mostly known for being the ever-enduring partner of Josh Levison, the aforementioned werewolf boyfriend, she goes through a dark phase when she joins a purebred werewolf on a killing spree that sounds both terrifying and like a girl trip we would have liked to have been invited on. All in all, Nora is a divine, confident survivor of intimate partner violence who has refused to let anything stop her from getting the life she knows she deserves. Delicious, indeed.


Lucian Graymark, aka Luke Garroway (Shadowhunters)

On Shadowhunters, a show chock full of attractive teens and twenty-somethings, Lucian Graymark, aka Luke Garroway (Isaiah Mustafa), stands out as a mature, commanding presence that seems like he’d make you appreciate multiple definitions of the word "daddy." Luckily, he has many excuses to wear very little. You know, because of transformations and ruining your clothes or who even cares? What a great excuse to see more of this overwhelmingly attractive werewolf. Additionally, he’s just an exceptional friend and father who has learned how to live with a curse he never asked for. And, when any wolf threatens to disrupt the balance between his pack and the Shadowhunters, he’s willing to remind them of exactly why he’s the alpha. Talk about all kinds of sexy.


Jackson Whittemore (Teen Wolf)

Among the cast of steamy werewolves on Teen Wolf, Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes) stands out as a bisexual stud muffin and sometimes Kanima with serious mommy and daddy issues. While his almost-werewolf-but-whoops-for-some-reason-were-lizard appearance is… let’s go with not hot, his human self is pretty damn enchanting. Just look at his penetrating gaze as he stares up at the moon, shirt ripped open by his own animal instinct. Add to that the fact that Jackson becomes a full werewolf by dealing with his trauma and learning to love and you’ve got yourself one thirst-inducing teen heartthrob. Plus, having Hayes, an out gay actor, portray a queer character makes you feel pretty good about being pretty into Jackson.


Oz, aka Daniel Osbourne (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Let’s just say that those of us who were teenagers in the days of Seth Green’s rise to awesomeness portraying Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow’s way too cool boyfriend and general enigma, might still have certain dreams about the redheaded werewolf and guitarist. (We’re not pointing fingers because it would be awkward if we had to point at ourselves.) While the way he and Willow break up and his horribly sudden departure from her life (and our lives! Hello?!) are not exactly marks in his favor, Oz is handsome, mysterious, and typically very thoughtful, confirming that redheads are sexy, too.


Dyson (Lost Girl)

In the world of Light and Dark Fae portrayed on Lost Girl, one Fae slash werewolf, Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid), stands alone as a brooding detective who just wants to keep the balance between the hidden, warring parts of his world. Of course, that means part of his work is covering up supernatural murders, but when he meets a seductive succubus named Bo he uses his placement in the police department to help her. Dyson is about 1,500 years old, but you wouldn’t know that to look at him. Whether he’s rocking his signature vest or disrobing to wolf out, he’ll make you growl with delight and anticipation. So, when he sacrifices that which he values most, his wolf, to strengthen Bo in her fight, but instead has his love for Bo taken from him because duh, there’s always fine print on these kinds of things, don’t be surprised if you find your eyes (and maybe other parts) wet.

Fine, so Dyson is technically a shapeshifter, but he only ever shifts into a wolf, so he’s staying on the list!


Maia Roberts (Shadowhunters)

The second werewolf on this list to be a survivor of intimate partner violence (interesting how that’s something that happens to both women on this list, huh?), Shadowhunters’ Maia Roberts (Alisha Wainwright) survives a brutal attack from an ex that turns her into a werewolf. The way she turns her curse into her calling and crafts herself into a powerhouse, protector of her pack, and de facto beta wolf, aka second in command to Lucian, however, is what makes her such a sexpot. I mean, that and the fact that she’s so damn attractive. Look at her! Her smile, her style, her every molecule will make you want to howl at the moon. Add to that the fact that she’s not here to play games with little boys who have turned into wolves, or vampires, or Shadowhunters and she deserves her spot near the top of this list. What’s sexier than a woman who really DGAF about what men think of her?


Alcide Herveaux (True Blood)

You may not be into muscles and manliness, but sweet Hera, Joe Manganiello, the actor who plays Alcide Herveaux, will make you reconsider what you find attractive with his portrayal of a vulnerable, lonely werewolf. No wonder Sookie Stackhouse is drawn to him on True Blood, especially after her history with vampiric badboys. Who doesn’t want a caring partner who is also ridiculously attractive? Seriously, just gaze upon his glory, or well, everything but his glory. In a world full of creepy monsters and conniving vampires, Alcide is a ray of sunshine and devotion (who eventually dies protecting Sookie, which we have some thoughts about). There’s no one quite like him, and even when he goes through his dark phase while serving as packmaster of Shreveport, he retains his goodness—just with a lot more receptivity of sexual advances, a great excuse to take off his clothes. Again. And, again. And again. Don’t worry, dear reader, you’re not the only one panting.