Raphael and Zodi clash in new 6-page peek at IDW's TMNT Universe #3

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Oct 21, 2016

Shells are crackin' in this striking first look at IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #3, with Raphael throwing down against the wicked mutant scorpion, Zodi.  The new ongoing title starring the Heroes In A Half-Shell is a sister series to IDW's main Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book and showcases a commando-style siege story stuffed with a colorful cast of supporting characters and a gallery of villains both old and new.  It's written by Paul Allor and Tom Waltz with art by Damian Couceiro, and includes a continuing back-up story by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

“Essentially, over the past four-plus years our TMNT world has grown too large to contain to one monthly title. There are dozens of fan-favorite characters. In short, we need a second title to do the ‘TMNT Universe’ justice,” said series editor Bobby Curnow. “With two series we can flesh out these supporting characters more and devote greater time to the Turtles themselves and expanding their world. Our aim is to tell stories that are self-contained but complementary to the original ongoing TMNT title.”

Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

Cornered and injured, the Turtles have no escape from the forces aligned against them!  Raphael must learn to compromise with his enemy if any are to survive!

Dive into the action with our exclusive preview gallery below and see how Raphael ducks the fatal stab of Zodi's stinger!  IDW's TMNT Universe #3 tumbles into comic shops on Wednesday, October 26th.


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