Rapper so thrilled with female X-team he wrote a song about them

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Jun 5, 2013

If you love the ladies of X-Men, this rap will wow you with how many names it drops. 

One of comics' most popular writers, Brian Wood, released the first issue of a new X-book starring all female characters called, simply, X-Men. It's gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews so far, but the latest is maybe our favorite.

Musician Adam Warrock (get it?) has produced a rap dedicated to the new series, and it's pretty stellar. In addition to having a nice hook, it also does a brilliant job of referencing a ton of female members of the X-Men. Dazzler, Karma, Malice and even Magik (thank you, Adam Warrock!) make the list. 

And just in case you can't keep up, here are the lyrics:


Where the ladies at, where the ladies at

With that X on your chest, come and save me fast

I’m just a mutant trying to find my way home

Ain’t a man in Utopia could do it alone


verse 1:

Man I got Hope for the future, in the middle of a Storm

Let the Siryns ring, cuz now it’s time to get it on, yo

Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust

Like a cat in the shadows, cuz I’m steady on the cusp…


And I don’t have to Dazzle her, with that Emma Frost bling

Ain’t no manic Pixie dream girl, in here where I bring

These are superheroes, No-girl would be a Wallflower

When the Brotherhood’s trying to take your mindpower


Pyslocked on that Boom Boom on the track

With a Blindfold I’m seeing you, ain’t no turning back

Ask me how I know her so well, I play for rilla

I tell that I just know stuff, Layla Miller


I see past the Husk of your Skin, past the phonies

Even if it’s between Celeste, Esme, Irma, and Sophie

Phoebe too, know I don’t forget you

That’s the Magik of the better halves, this one’s for you




verse 2:

You say Karma’s a bitch, well I say that’s my homegirl

An equal with a destiny beyond what we know though,

You got Malice in your heart, cuz the fanboys hate

Heating up like Magma, you think you can’t relate


I feel that push pull push like Polaris when I’m near to ya

Seeing every character Ariel to Valeria

Silver Fox in my old age,

and man I think I’m in a Trance like the older that I get these days


When the Mercury’s rising, I want ‘em all Ruby Summers

Through the Marrow, pierced my Armor, I’m a Rogue for all your lovin’

But you say you got no time for that

Princess is too powerful, she got a job that


Keeps her occupied late in the night, my lovely Dragoness

You’re a Cipher to the heavens, with that X that you bless

And I don’t mind that I’m a fool so let’s see

That my favorite X-Man growing up was Jubilee




verse 3:

Checking my Kitty Pryde, like a Phoenix I’m trying to rise

Above all the comments in the negative zone

Go ask my mother if y’all wanna real life

Example of a hero that raised me and taught me back at home


That we treat people as equals, judge them by their character

Judge them by their actions, mutant boy or girl,

And though this world isn’t fair, try our best to make a difference

For those Jean Greys living in a Scott Summers world


Go head and give me that team, Wakanda queen

Besty Braddock, Rogue, Rachel, Psylocke and Jubilee

In the garage, you know it’s waiting for me

Kitty Pryde, on a poster, where I used to just dream


This one’s for all the x-women forgotten in

the archives of time, know i never stopped wishing

For that new team edition, hip hop and you don’t stop

From home of the Morlocks, to the top of Storm’s mohawk

That enough X-Ladies for you, or did he miss someone crucial?

(via The Mary Sue)

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