Rare 150 million year-old Stegosaurus skeleton heads to German auction this weekend

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May 25, 2016

Looking for that perfect conversation piece to decorate your nerdy man cave or geek gal grotto?  Check out this 150-million-year-old Stegosaurus skeleton, set to be auctioned off this weekend in Frankfurt, Germany.  

This spectacular specimen is over 90 percent complete, fully articulated and an extremely rare find in this pristine condition.  Discovered and excavated from the Morrison Formation in the Eastern Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, "Steggy" hails from the late Jurassic Period and is considered by expert paleontologists to consist of an exceedingly high quality of bone material.  Opening bid is a cool $1.6 million, and it's charted to have a pre-auction estimate of over $3 million.  The lucky winning bidder is to receive a full excavation report and must also pay a hefty buyer's premium, 19 percent tax, shipping and insurance.  


Auctionata will offer this stunning Stegosaurus at its Nature at Home – Prehistoric Fossils & Minerals auction on May 28, 2016.  Clear some space and own it come hammer time!

Here's the official catalog description:

58 | Armored Dinosaur, Stegosaurus, USA, Late Jurassic

The object is in good state of preservation. The total dimensions are 155 x 270 x 570 cm and the weight measures c. 850 kg.

The stegosaurus is a type of armored dinosaur and his name can be translated with ‘roof lizard’, from the ancient Greek στέγος Stegos ‘roof’ and σαῦρος sauros ‘lizard’. He was, with a length of up to nine meters, the largest known member of stegosaurus. With its imposing bony plates and tail spikes the stegosaurus was - along with tyrannosaurus, triceratops, Apatosaurus and velociraptor - one of the most popular dinosaurs ever. At least three different species were secure in western United States and Portugal. The typical form of the large and heavily built stegosaurus is given by its unusual position: The back was strongly arched, forelegs are short, its tail was lifted in the air and the head close to the ground.

Watch this Auctionata preview video below and tell us if you might toss in an absentee bid just for fun!


(Via Geekologie)

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