Rare Aliens set pics reveal Corporal Hicks BEFORE Michael Biehn signed on

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Nov 14, 2014, 11:00 AM EST

Want to see the original actor tapped to play Corporal Hicks in Aliens before Michael Biehn was brought in at the eleventh hour during filming for the now-iconic role?

It’s not unheard of to have a film role recast after shooting has begun (see: Back to the Future), but it doesn’t happen often. One largely forgotten instance came in James Cameron’s 1986 genre classic Aliens, when James Remar (Dexter) actually spent a week of shooting in the role of Corporal Hicks before dropping out over alleged creative differences.

Biehn was tapped to take over the role after Remar left the film, fresh off his breakout success in Terminator as time-traveling soldier Kyle Reese. Thanks to the endless geek magic of Reddit, some fairly rare set pics of Remar’s first (and only) week of shooting have resurfaced. The shots have been bouncing around a few years, but mostly under the radar until now.

Check out a compilation of the photos of Remar in action below and let us know if you think he could’ve pulled off the role:

(Via Dread Central, Reddit)