Rare collection of original 2001: A Space Odyssey sketches for sale

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Aug 28, 2017

Stanley Kubrick's mind-warping sci-fi masterwork, 2001: A Space Odyssey, turns 50 next year, and the milestone anniversary will no doubt be celebrated with extreme fanfare, special screenings, commemorative merchandise, retrospective lectures, and boisterous birthday gatherings.

But if you're really looking to ring in its golden anniversary in style, and you just won the lottery, you might want to consider picking up this ultra-rare collection of original 2001 concept sketches and illustrations going for a cool $8.75 million.

The San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAE) is offering a remarkable assortment of more than 1,500 concept sketches, early paintings, preproduction designs, and blueprints, all created by the film's art director and production designer, Harry Lange. This wondrous archive, commissioned by Kubrick himself, is inconspicuously named The 2001 File, and consists of a treasure of classic design elements from the 1968 cerebral sci-fi spectacle's lengthy production process.

“Lange’s illustrations are stunning to look at, and as you take them in you realize that they represent a kind of guided dreaming,” noted Theron Kabrich, co-founder and co-director of the SFAE, in a press release. “2001 came at a very important period of time. America was working on going to the moon, and the film made space exploration seem imminent. Kubrick, [Arthur C. Clarke], and Lange didn’t put it so far out into the future that we couldn’t feel it. It’s pretty remarkable to look at Lange’s work from 50 years ago and see that so much of what he predicted is now part of our everyday life.”

The Academy Award-nominated Lange passed away in 2008. In addition to his iconic work on 2001: A Space Odyssey, he was also art director on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Moonraker.

Open the pod bay doors and check out a sample of these vintage artworks below, and then tell us if you'd sell your second-born to acquire this absolutely awesome collection. For serious inquiries only, contact the San Francisco Art Exchange at, or call (415) 441-8840. And yes, I'm sure they won't take a check!

(via io9)

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