Rare, hand-written Harry Potter prequel story stolen; J.K. Rowling asking for return

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May 12, 2017

A rare, hand-written short story set several years before the events of Harry Potter has been stolen, and author J.J. Rowling is asking the public to help recover it and catch the thief. 

Rowling wrote the 800-word short story on a postcard and sold it at auction back in 2008. The story eventually sold to an investment banker named Hira Digpal for $32,000 (the money went to charity, of course). But now, the story has been stolen from Digpal, and authorities are monitoring the black market to see if it surfaces for sale. By the way, the idea of a Harry Potter black market is pretty great, right?

The theft occurred at some point in late April, and the story was taken along with some jewelry. Digpal was apparently not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but had purchased the story with plans to eventually auction it once again at a future charity event (thinking it would only gain value in the next few years). Regardless, it’s a shame that such a rare and valuable genre piece has been taken.

The story focused on Harry’s father James and a young Sirius Black. The duo are caught by Muggle police officers and take off on a high-speed chase. Turns out those are easier when you have flying broomsticks. If you want to actually read the story, it’s worth noting it was released back in 2008, but sold out in less than a day (of course).

Rowling is asking Harry Potter fans to be vigilant and report the story if it shows up for sale anywhere. 

(Via io9)

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