Rare Jurassic Park behind-the-scenes clip shows Spielberg at work

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 17, 2012

We've all seen behind-the-scenes clips; it's the stuff that DVD bonus materials are made of. But it's usually stale video footage of people running and jumping while the real cameras roll. This rare footage from 1992, however, shows Steven Spielberg at work—and offers a glimpse into his process that fans never get to see. Until now.

No, there are no dinosaurs eating lawyers in this 8-minute clip. Instead, it's simply Spielberg choreographing the scene where Sam Neill's Dr. Grant embarks on his motorized-SUV tour of Jurassic Park (and a few others), telling his actors how to deliver their lines, instructing his director of photography Dean Cundey how the camera should move—basically, it's just a man answering a hundred questions and making a hundred decisions on the fly.

It might be a little boring, watching a master at work. But this is how films are made: vast swaths of boring that get assembled into something glorious. That's why they call it movie magic.

(Via Slashfilm)