Raven’s new miniseries is coming to Earth by the powers of Marv Wolfman and Pop Mhan

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Oct 14, 2017, 10:30 AM EDT

Raven must have foreseen this with her psychic powers: The half-demon empath and telepath’s co-creator Marv Wolfman will be joining forces with artist Pop Mhan (The Flash, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) to feature her in an all-new interdimensional miniseries.

Raven: Daughter of Darkness continues the story spawned in Wolfman’s previous Raven miniseries, which was set between Teen Titans #24 and Teen Titans: Rebirth #1. As if drama escalating between Rachel Roth and Arella isn’t enough (that’s what happens when your mother and aunt fight over your Titan soul), she will also be battling a supernatural threat from space.

Enter the often questionable sorcerer Baron Winters of the Night Force, a band of characters created in 1982 whose mission is to face paranormal threats. He might be a master manipulator and with nebulous ethics, but the character, also co-created by Wolfman, will intervene as she is plunged into an adventure otherwise known as “The Girls With the Anime Eyes.”


Credit: DC Comics 

Anime characters are amazingly cool as an art form, but the thought of having to deal with flesh-and-blood humans who actually have Sailor Moon eyes is downright scary. The thought of aliens with eyes like that is even more terrifying. Wolfman won’t give away any more details, so they might just be normal humans (or aliens) who use too much mascara.

Considering the point in the Teen Titans timeline this storyline falls into, before Raven’s rebirth into a body free of her father Trigon’s demonic influences, there are probably infinite struggles with the devil inside as Rachel struggles to overcome the cosmic threat looming ahead. The cover art is also somewhat telling, with Raven’s eyes looking possessed as if her father’s blood is taking over—unless she happens to be in a trance from Winters’ strange sorcery.  

More questions than answers surface from those mystical symbols. Do they just represent a sort of fringe magic, or is there something in them that could potentially save or destroy the universe? You’ll find out January 10.

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