Ray Bradbury matches wits with Groucho Marx in amusing 1955 clip

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Dec 17, 2012

What happens when you have a beloved fantasy, science fiction, horror and mystery writer match wits with a comedian and TV star who happens to be, well, a master of wit? You have lightning in a bottle made of win.

In this cool video, you can see sci-fi author Ray Bradbury (author of indelible sci-fi classics such as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles) matching wits with Groucho Marx as a contestant on You Bet Your Life back in 1955.

It's rather really funny to see Bradbury blowing his own horn as a novelist and writer. Also cool is to see how witty Marx could truly be—along with his trademark cigar, of course.

Have a look!

Well, that was a nice blast from the past, was it not?

(via Reddit)