Read 2 revealing pages of the original pitch that sold Syfy's Eureka

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Dec 17, 2012

To celebrate the premiere of the final season of Eureka, Syfy president Mark Stern took to Twitter and posted the first two pages of Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia's pitch for all to see.

There's more to this pitch document somewhere—most likely a lot more—but it's fascinating to see what was there from the very beginning. And to see how Cosby and Paglia (who would stay on the show for its entire run) conceived of Eureka as a show that could contain multitudes:

"In essence, this series is a post-modern love letter to the grand tradition of science fiction. It's an opportunity to reinvent and reinvigorate classic sci-fi plots and premises, creating an entirely unique show that blends the best elements of human drama with high concept storylines and up-to-the-minute scientific research. ... If the world of science and technology is the new frontier, then we want to be the pioneers. And we want Eureka to be the first settlement."

That's as good a mission statement as I've ever heard.

(via Mark Stern's Twitter)

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