Read Chronicle writer Max Landis' 436-page script for a Super Mario World movie

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Oct 21, 2014, 5:29 PM EDT

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise helped kick off the videogame-to-movie craze, but that doesn’t mean that 1993 dud of a film was actually any good. Well, Chronicle writer Max Landis wants a do-over.

Landis has dug up and released a 436-page Mario spec script he penned at the age of 19 just for the heck of it. It’s one massive, ambitious mess and — if nothing else — is a fascinating peek into the evolution of one of the buzziest writers in the genre right now. Kudos to Landis for being such a good sport and letting it loose.

Instead of going silly and slapstick, Landis puts a hard-edged mythology spin on Mario — think more Game of Thrones than videogame — and manages to jam in just about every character ever created for the franchise. Seriously, there’s a reason it clocks in at an unimaginably long 436 pages — and Landis is the first to admit it’s a little (see: a lot) rough around the edges.

Here’s an excerpt from his hilarious intro to the massive work:

Even though, reading through, there are parts of it I enjoy, there’s some really inventive reinvention and mythologizing, some funny dialogue here and there, the occasional burst of REALLY cool action imagery... 

And yes, to me, the EPIC structure, which feels more like a Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones than a Super Mario Game, works. I was impressed, looking back, at how many times I bring up a detail early only to repeatedly pay it off later, or trick the reader into thinking we’re going one way when we’re actually headed in the opposite direction. 

That’s all good. And that’s ALL that’s good. There’s no way to get around it ... This. Script. Sucks. 

If you have some time on your hands and want a peek at one of the weirdest films that could’ve been, it’s worth the investment.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)