Read the first six pages of DC Comics' cool new take on Batgirl

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Oct 3, 2014

Barbara Gordon's got a new look, a new neighborhood, and a new creative team, and you can get a peek at what they have in store right now.

The Internet exploded a couple of months ago when DC Comics unveiled a new Batgirl costume design for Gordon, and announced a new direction for the character that wouldn't take her away from fighting crime, but would give her a chance to be a little more like a normal young woman doing normal young woman things ... or trying to, anyway. In Batgirl #35, which hits stores next Wednesday, writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher and artist Babs Tarr move Barbara to the trendy Burnside neighborhood of Gotham, and life gets complicated almost immediately.

We don't get to see the much-buzzed-about new costume in action in these pages, but we do get to see Barbara do battle with a hangover, an awkward morning after, some financial stress and a thief. It's a fun mix of how hard it is to be a superhero while also leading a regular life, and how hard that regular life often is all by itself, and there's a definite sense of fun throughout. This new direction for the character looked promising the moment we saw the new costume, and now that we've got a taste of the story, we're even more excited to see what's next.

Check out the first six pages of Batgirl #35, along with three covers, in the gallery below. The issue hits comic-book stores on Oct. 8. Will you be picking it up?

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