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Nov 18, 2014

Christopher Nolan's generally the kind of filmmaker who leaves it all on the screen, so we don't get a lot of bonus footage from him after a film's already come out. The director just guest-edited the November issue of Wired, though, and as part of leaving his mark on the magazine, Nolan teamed up with comic-book artist Sean Gordon Murphy (The Wake) to tell a little story of space voyaging that came before Interstellar, and it's a dark look at one man's loss of hope.

And that story likely involves spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie, so be forewarned.

The comic, titled "Absolute Zero," centers on Dr. Mann, played by Matt Damon in the film. Throughout much of the movie, Mann's only someone who's talked about, a brave and visionary traveler who led the Lazarus missions through the wormhole to search for habitable planets on the other side. When the Endurance mission begins, Mann is one of only three Lazarus astronauts still broadcasting a signal from his planet, so Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), Brand (Anne Hathaway) and Romilly (David Gyasi) land there, only to ultimately find that Mann has descended into madness, and that his promising transmissions were a lie.

The comic chronicles Mann's efforts, alongside his robot KIPP, to find a habitable surface on the icy world he's landed on. As things look more and more hopeless, though, Mann begins to take a turn toward darkness. It's a compelling companion piece to Mann's scenes in the film, and it provides a clearer picture of just what drove him to desperation. 

Nolan's issue of Wired won't hit newstands until Nov. 25, but the full seven-page comic is available to read right now over at If you're an Interstellar fan and you want more story, check it out.

(Via Wired)

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