Read Neuromancer author William Gibson's unused Alien 3 script

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Mar 28, 2013, 7:06 AM EDT (Updated)

An unused script for Alien 3, written by legendary sci-fi novelist William Gibson, has been posted online for your reading pleasure.

The history of Alien 3 has become something of a Hollywood legend. Following the success of Aliens in 1986, 20th Century Fox tortured itself, writers and directors all over the town in a six-year development process that resulted in multiple abandoned scripts, several fired directors and a final product that no one was happy with (the eventual director, David Fincher, has largely refused to speak of his experience to this day).

One of those rejected scripts was by William Gibson, the famed Neuromancer author, who should really need no introduction around here. Gibson began reflecting back on the project yesterday via a series of tweets, eventually posting a link to a site where the entire screenplay has been posted. 

His script went off in some bizarre and bold directions, none of which made it to the finished film. For one thing, Ripley was barely in it (Gibson says he was asked to write her out when it looked doubtful that Sigourney Weaver would return), and one of his main plot threads involved a kind of contagion spread by the aliens that caused human skeletons to literally explode and produce more xenomorphs. The story also featured loads of action against the backdrop of a galactic civil war.

Check out the script here, and read one of Gibson's tweets below. Do you think he could have delivered a better Alien 3 than the one we ended up with?