Read six pages of the 12th Doctor's first comic-book adventure

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Oct 7, 2014

He's already made his mark on television, and now Peter Capaldi's Doctor is heading to the comics page.

Later this month, Titan Comics will publish the first issue of Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor, a new series from writer Robbie Morrison (2000 A.D., The Authority) and artist Dave Taylor (2000 A.D.Batman: Death by Design) that follows the adventures of the titular Doctor and his Companion, Clara Oswald, through parts of time and space the TV series isn't covering. Much like the TV versions of the characters, though, the Doctor will be on a quest for answers while Clara will be struggling to juggle her adventures in the TARDIS with her normal life as a teacher.

Check out the official synopsis of the first arc:

Freshly regenerated and with a new head full of unanswered questions, the Doctor (as played by Peter Capaldi) whisks Clara Oswald (as played by Jenna Coleman) away to a strange and distant world.

Clara thought she was in for an evening of marking essays on the Metaphysical Poets, followed by going out on a date – or at least trying to. You know, normal stuff.

Instead, she’s facing down exotic flora and fauna in her best dress, backing up the Doctor on a trek through traumatically alien undergrowth – and she doesn’t even know what the Doctor is searching for, or what will try to kill them should they find it!

In typical Doctor Who fashion, the issue kicks off with an unexpected and gruesome death, then cuts to the Doctor and Clara having a spirited chat in the TARDIS. We get a potential alien threat, a robot, terraforming, a reference to Danny Pink and a dig at the Eleventh Doctor's love of his fez, and that's just in the first six pages. Check out the full preview in the gallery below, then look for the issue when it hits comic-book stores on Oct. 15.

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