Read Doctor Who's Tom Baker's heartfelt tribute to late Mary Tamm

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Dec 17, 2012

In the wake of Doctor Who actress Mary Tamm's recent passing, the man who played the Doctor to her Romana, Tom Baker, has decided to pay a heartfelt tribute to the late actress.

For two years (between 1978 and 1979), Mary Tamm shared in the wonderful adventures of Baker's Fourth Doctor as the first Romana—the very first Doctor Who companion who had the particularity of being a Time Lady.

Mary Tamm passed away at the too-early age of 62 after an 18-month long battle with cancer.

This is what Tom Baker wrote on his official website:

The dreadful news of Mary Tamm's death amazed me. I had no idea she was ill. We got on terribly well and I admired her wit and style and warmth. We used to meet at different Who conventions and sometimes had time for a little chat. I remember meeting her at Heathrow in the 1st class section: her section, of course. She was flicking through a magazine and sipping a beer: the epitome of cool style.

When we first worked together her tales of her background (she's from Estonia) kept me very amused. I think they spoke Estonian at home. She used to do an impression of her aunt, I think, who had been an opera singer. She had a marvellous trick of rapid asides which often had nothing to do with the main story but which convulsed us. I tried to copy this trick behind her back but it eluded me as most tricks have eluded me all my life. And that she is dead seems incredible.

Fate is capricious and quite indifferent to our fears. Lovely girls: Elisabeth Sladen, Caroline John and now Mary Tamm: all dead. And here am I closing in on eighty and all I've had was whooping cough! It's not fair, is it? Actually, I also have a creaky knee. And probably a creaky brain.

I never met Mary's daughter and hardly ever met Marcus, her husband. But I send them from the bottom of my old heart sincere condolences. To have known her consoles me a little: poor darling Mary, poor us.

Fate is indeed capricious and indifferent, and we, too, are deeply saddened by Mary Tamm's passing. But maybe we can take some comfort in thinking that she's now probably looking over us all in her own Big Blue Police Box in the sky.

(via Digital Spy)

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