Read the script that got the new Doctor Who companion her job

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Dec 17, 2012

The new Doctor Who Magazine is out today (sorry, guys: U.K. only for now, we'll have to wait a bit here in North America), and the most exciting part of the issue is that it includes the scene new Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman used to audition with alongside Matt Smith's Doctor.

You can read the transcript below, courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

Notice the name of the companion character? Perhaps we can all assume that she'll be named Jasmine ... but then again, maybe not. After all, we know Who showrunner Steven Moffat and company are a dastardly bunch of wily people and they "lie" all the time.

Right. Let's have a look at that scene, written by Moffat. Apparently it was specifically created for the audition only and won't feature in any upcoming season-seven episodes ...

The Doctor and Jasmine are investigating a haunted house.

DOCTOR: So you saw it coming in here? What did it look like?

JASMINE: Grey. Sort of dusty. Like it was made of spider webs.

D: And it came through the wall.

J: Yeah, that wall there.

D: But you don't think it was a ghost. Why not?

J: Because there's no such thing as ghots.

D: You know, a lot of people who saw what you saw wouldn't still think that.

J: Obviously. Otherwise there wouldn't be idiots who belive in ghosts.

D: What were you doing here?

J: I love this place. It's... beautiful.

D: It's falling apart.

J: It's old. I love old things, they make me feel sad.

D: What's good about sad?

J: It's happy for deep people. You'd know.

D: I'm not sad.

J: Oh, you are though. Under all that talking and leaping about. Takes one to know one.

D: So you come here for... recreational sadness?

J: Yeah. In a way. Okay, why are you looking at me like that?

D: You remind me of an old friend of mine. Someone I lost a long time ago.

J: Down boy. I'm not her.

Yep, good old-fashioned typical conversation between a lonely 900+ years Time Lord and a potential new companion.

The Doctor always liked to pick out "special" people who always understood and saw more of the world around them (supernatural, alien or otherwise) than the mere common of mortals (generally Earthlings) ever could.

So what do you think of the audition scene? Do you think it will still make it into a future episode anyway? Would you like to see it played out? And do you think the "old friend," the "someone I lost a long time ago" the Doctor mentions is Rose?

Have a look at that Doctor Who Magazine cover below.