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Dec 17, 2012

Everything on the Internet wants clicks. I'm going to throw out a few words that will make you want to click this week's installment of Hottest Stories and Best Comments. Words like: Joss Whedon. Sci-fi nurses. Prometheus. Game of Thrones + beer. Star Trek + Hooters. Judge Dredd. True Blood. ... Now, get to clickin'!

Our story: 9 deliciously designed Game of Thrones beer labels

Your best comment: The Targaryen sounds like a brew the Klingons would love. — Omen

Our story: Tara, Wesley and 13 other Joss Whedon deaths that broke our hearts

Your best comment: Buffy's mother's death is one I have trouble dealing with. I couldn't watch that episode over again even before my mother died. It was too heart-wrenching, too realistic. All the reactions were real. That episode was clearly written by someone who had experienced that. And it wasn't a strange, supernatural death, either. It was real. It was organic. And the reactions were real. The way Buffy regressed into being a child who wanted her mother, to the visions of the various ways she wished she could have saved her. It's too real. And now, almost six years after my own mother's death, even more than ever, I am certain I can't bring myself to watch that again. — Amanda

Our story: 10 movies better than their TV inspirations (and 11 that sucked)

Your best comment: Green Hornet was the only movie that I've ever felt personally insulted by. Man, was it horrible. — Ninevah

Our story: 11 great sci-fi and fantasy nurses who make us feel good all over

Your best comment: Nurse Gillian Boardman, who was the first woman seen by a patient known as Valentine Michael Smith, the Man from Mars, and who aided his escape from the government in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. — BesterAgain

Our story: 15 dramatic new pics tease Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Your best comment: They do appear in daylight but... they mostly come at night; mostly. — Newt

Our story: And then there was the time Kirk and Spock went to a Hooters ...

Your best comment: I like that the picture of Pegg and Quinto is clearly not about Pegg and Quinto. — Fivestyle

Our story: Check out 'kickass' Karl Urban in 5 gritty new Dredd reboot pics

Your best comment: C'mon Karl say it.
"I am the law!"
— Omen

Our story: See a gallery of every Batman movie and TV poster EVER

Your best comment: Kinda disappointed that "Batman Beyond" wasn't represented, but seeing that retrospective was cool. Make me hope that TCM cable channel will show the Batman serials. — Capt. Paul

Our story: 16 sci-fi and fantasy orphans who could use a hug from Mom

Your best comment: Or, if the latest Time magazine cover is to be believed, they may need more than just a hug from their moms. — Grimwinder

Our story: 1st look at True Blood's fanged Christopher Meloni [vid + 20 pics]

Your best comment: Unlike his last HBO show, all I ask is he keeps his pants on and stays away from his roommate/cellmate — Kraven

Our story: Robert Pattinson recreates Scanners and more in 7 unsettling pics

Your best comment: Does anyone else have trouble not seeing these as parody rather than homage? Then again, I suppose I had the same problem with Twilight vampires. I kept saying, "Wait, they're supposed to be cool? But they're playing baseball in a thunderstorm because they have to hide the sound of the bat cracking! That's idiotic!" — JBH

Our story: As Star Trek 2 filming wraps, Quinto and Pegg share final set pics

Your best comment: Why is a chair and a towel newsworthy? I kind of miss the days of long ago when people didn't even know a movies existed until the first trailer hit the TV screen a month before the release. A chair and a towel - wow. — Rick C