Ready, Detroit? Here comes your colossal RoboCop statue

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May 14, 2013

It was back in February 2011 when mayor Dave Bing of near-bankrupt Detroit ignited a tinderbox of controversy by kicking the cyborg lawman to the curb after a tweeted suggestion by a fan that the Motor City lawman from the 1987 film and sequels be immortalized in art.  The argument was based on the fact that Philadelphia had its Rocky statue and Detroit deserved a signature hero as well. 

A Facebook page quickly sprouted up and a Kickstarter fundraising project erupted, eventually exceeding the necessary $50,000 to create the massive RoboCop replica.  This fan-supported effort to build the badass beat cop raised a total of $67,436 through 2,718 backers to construct Officer Murphy.  Even actor Peter Weller jumped on board with a hilarious video championing the idea.

"It hit a sweet spot. It's a fun and funny idea to build a statue of RoboCop," said project leader Jeff Paffendorf.  Foam components and design elements were finished at Across the Board Creations in British Columbia this month.   The Imagination Station in Detroit has offered a place on its property at Roosevelt Park to install the 10-foot-tall statue, which has now been cast and is headed to Venus Bronze Works in Detroit to be bronzed.  Take a look ...

Brandon Walley, director of development at Imagination Station, hopes to have the monument in place by summer 2014, although the exact final destination has yet to be decided. 

A RoboCop reboot directed by Jose Padilha is currently in production and expected sometime in 2014 as well. 

How do you like the Alex Murphy/RoboCop icon?  Think it will help inspire Detroit out of its rapidly deteriorating rut?

(Via Neatorama)

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